Verizon MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot

I just saw the news release from Verizon about this, so I figure I can now safely blog about it.

On May the 6th, I got a SWEET new gadget from my buddies at Verizon – the MiFi 2200.  And now, I can finally talk about it!  Verizon calls it an “Intelligent Mobile Hotspot”.  I call it “Geek COOL!”  It is about the size of eight or nine credit cards stacked on top of each other.  It weighs just over 2 ounces, and it runs for about four hours of active use (40 hours on standby) on its internal battery.

What does it do?  It provides 802.11g + 802.11b WiFi access (using WEP 64-bit, WEP 128-bit, WPA Personal (TKIP), and WPA2 Personal (AES) for up to five computers, all over Verizon’s EvDO Rev.A and 1xRTT data networks.  It is small and light enough to carry around in your shirt pocket.  With Verizon’s excellent coverage, it would allow you to access the Internet from almost anywhere, and you could invite four of your best buddies to join you on the Internet AT THE SAME TIME.  By the way, it does NOT have a micro-SD slot (I have seen some other blogs that mentioned that it might have one).

Where I was doing my testing, I was bouncing between EvDO Rev.A and 1xRTT (let’s just say “Fast” and “not as fast”).  I hit and ran the Speed Test there and got .63 Mbps down and  .37 Mbps up the first time and .84 Mbps down and .41 Mbps up the second time.  Both tests had about 100 ms of latency.

The device supports MAC filtering, the WEP and WPA security I mentioned above, port filtering, VPN Passthrough, and Port Forwarding just to name a few of the available options that can be set in the web-based administrative interface.  Again, this is all in a unit that you won’t even notice in your pocket!

The MiFi will cost $150-$50 rebate (=$100) with a two-year agreement, and the data service will be $39.99/mo for 250MB (plus $0.10/MB for anything over 250MB) or $59.99/mo for 5GB (plus $0.05/MB for anything over 5GB).  Verizon will also offer a DayPass for $15 for 24-hour access when the MiFi is purchased at full price without a monthly service plan.  Release date is supposed to be May 17.

Bottom line – Sweet little device from Verizon at a great price.  I hope that Verizon does something to make their data plan truly unlimited without costing too much.  Come on Verizon, I know you can do it!

And now, with a picture – compared to my Metro card 🙂


Comments, questions?


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