Palm Pre WebOS 1.1.0 and Global Address Search

I am seeing some irregular behavior with the Pre running WebOS 1.1.0 against an Exchange Server 2010 mailbox when doing Global Address Searches. Sometimes it works, sometimes it takes a LONG time, and sometimes it drops an error “Global Search Not Available”.  Bottom line – it all seems to be dependent on the strength of the data signal.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t.


Palm WebOS 1.1 Released

Palm released WebOS 1.1 yesterday, and it brings some much-needed managed security functionality to the device. It now works with Exchange Server 2010.

It also “fixes” the iTunes sync issue (which I am sure will be “fixed” by Apple in their next iTunes update). I still recommend using Salling Media Sync.

How to Sync your iTunes music with your Pre

A quickie…

Now that Apple has “upgraded” iTunes to 8.2.1 and thereby broken the capability of the Pre to sync music with iTunes directly, I was forced to look for something else.

I found a free product called Salling Media Sync for Windows – – that will sync non-DRM protected music from your iTunes library to your Pre (and most any other device as well). Salling Sync recognizes and lets you sync playlists as well. Well worth checking out.

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Palm Pre WebOS 1.0.4 Update

New update out from Palm. Still no fix for the Active Sync issues with Exchange Server 2010. I am ever hopeful, and I am very pleased that Palm is so efficient and quick getting out these updates.  If I can dig out my contact at Palm, I may send him an email begging for the Active Sync fix 🙂

Keep up the good work!