Sprint Hero with Android 2.1 Update 1 is working with Exchange 2010!

Great news! I tried again this morning to create an EAS account on my Sprint Hero (Android 2.1 Update 1), and I was successful. I had tried and failed last night, and I have tried several times every day since the upgrade, and this is the first time that it has worked. Now, everything is working well – email, calendar, and contacts. I wish I could say what has changed, but I am not sure. If I figure it out, I will post about it here. I am not sure if the Firmware was “Update 1” when I first did the upgrade…. maybe that is it?


Beware Android 2.1 Upgrade for Hero!

Overall, the upgrade went smooth, and I like the new OS (faster, smoother). But, there is a BIG issue. Exchange ActiveSync support.

I can not get the device to complete the EAS setup, no matter how many different ways I modify the EAS policy on my Exchange Server 2010 system. I am hoping that Google/HTC/Sprint do something about this soonest, as this is a critical component in the Corporate space. There MUST be support for the Exchange Security Policy settings on the device.

Andriod 2.1 (Eclair) now available for the Sprint HTC Hero!

It is finally here! HTC Sync version 2.0.33 and Andriod firmware version 2.1 (Eclair), software version 2.27.651.1. Go to the following site to see the instructions and find the DL links for the ROM bits:


FYI – Big files (38.5 MB for HTC Sync and 118 MB for the ROM) and the link at HTC is SLOW.

I will post later after I get it installed and have formed some first impressions.