Beware Android 2.1 Upgrade for Hero!

Overall, the upgrade went smooth, and I like the new OS (faster, smoother). But, there is a BIG issue. Exchange ActiveSync support.

I can not get the device to complete the EAS setup, no matter how many different ways I modify the EAS policy on my Exchange Server 2010 system. I am hoping that Google/HTC/Sprint do something about this soonest, as this is a critical component in the Corporate space. There MUST be support for the Exchange Security Policy settings on the device.


About Tim Smeltzer
I am a husband, father, and technologist. While I am very much interested in almost all technology, my current area of specialty is secure mobile messaging. You will find me blogging from time to time on mobile technology - what I think is cool, what I think is not cool, and how to do things. Please be nice if you leave me comments. I am really trying to help!

2 Responses to Beware Android 2.1 Upgrade for Hero!

  1. Jye says:

    I had no trouble getting EAS to work on mine. Funny thing happened though, I set it up on two Hero’s. The first Hero set up just fine. The second one said that Exchange required a passcode in order to set up sync. So on that phone, now the user has to enter the unlock code in addition to sliding to unlock. Weird. Same Exchange server and everything.

    • Tim Smeltzer says:

      Are you using Exchange 2010? I believe that is the sticky wicket here…. If you are using 2010, I would love to find out what your EAS Policy is set to.

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