Disappointed with Sprint

I am a long-time personal customer of Sprint (10+ years). I recently upgraded one of the 5 phones on my plan to the HTC Hero. With the update to Android 2.1, the Hero no longer syncs email with Exchange using Active Sync.

I am unable to find a place on the Sprint website where I can submit this as an issue (and I am well aware of the support forums). I am unable to get the Sprint website to show me my contract details.

And worst of all, Sprint is STILL selling the Hero and Moment – two devices that are now more than a month past end of life (they will not receive any further OS updates). This is shameful. When I first got the Hero, it was running Android 1.5, and EAS was working flawlessly. The upgrade to 2.1 broke that. And Sprint is not doing anything about it, other than selling more of the same broken devices.


About Tim Smeltzer
I am a husband, father, and technologist. While I am very much interested in almost all technology, my current area of specialty is secure mobile messaging. You will find me blogging from time to time on mobile technology - what I think is cool, what I think is not cool, and how to do things. Please be nice if you leave me comments. I am really trying to help!

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