The Android Movie Gap

I was thinking about how much I enjoyed the last time I flew for business when I watched several TV shows on my iPhone. That got me to thinking about movies and Android devices. I know all about iTunes and the huge supply of movies and TV shows that are available for download for the iPhone. I wish there was some sort of central place where I would go to get LEGAL movie downloads for a reasonable price for Android devices. I know how to get DVDs down to the Android, but that takes some time and effort. Why isn’t there something like Amazon MP3 (Amazon MP4?) for movies? I know you can stream stuff to Android devices, but I would like to be able to watch movies while I am offline (on an airplane). I welcome your thoughts and comments. PLEASE keep all discussion positive and about LEGAL alternatives. I have no interest in torrents, nor am I interested in bashing Apple/iTunes.


About Tim Smeltzer
I am a husband, father, and technologist. While I am very much interested in almost all technology, my current area of specialty is secure mobile messaging. You will find me blogging from time to time on mobile technology - what I think is cool, what I think is not cool, and how to do things. Please be nice if you leave me comments. I am really trying to help!

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