HP TouchPad

Got my hands on an HP TouchPad today. No, I was not lucky enough to be able to buy one, this is an eval unit from HP. Here are some of my first impressions:

I LOVE the keyboard. Blows the iPad keyboard away. It has the numbers (1-0) at the top of the keyboard, just like a real keyboard. And the shifts of those keys are also just like a real keyboard.

The HP App Catalog is very well-presented. I like the category list at the left and the filters at the top. I like being able to install an app and stay in the store (unlike the Apple App Store). Downside – nowhere near as many apps as in the Apple App Store, and many key apps missing. Still, a surprising number of apps for the discontinued TouchPad.

The email app is pretty darn good. I have two EAS accounts set up and one gmail account. The presentation of email is nice, how it allows you to expand and contract the different panes as needed. I like this app a little better than how email is done on the iPad.

The calender is nice, but the iPad version is nicer.

I may blog more once I have had some more time with the TouchPad. I thought I wanted to buy one before I had the opportunity to play with one. Now I am SURE I want to buy one for me, one for my wife, and one for my son.


About Tim Smeltzer
I am a husband, father, and technologist. While I am very much interested in almost all technology, my current area of specialty is secure mobile messaging. You will find me blogging from time to time on mobile technology - what I think is cool, what I think is not cool, and how to do things. Please be nice if you leave me comments. I am really trying to help!

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