iOS 6.1.1 Update

This update is for the iPhone 4S only. It does not fix the issues some users of iOS 6.1 are seeing with excessive Exchange Server logging associated with Meeting invites. According to Apple, this update is supposed to resolve 3G cellular reliability and performance issues associated with the 6.1 update and the iPhone 4S.


About Tim Smeltzer
I am a husband, father, and technologist. While I am very much interested in almost all technology, my current area of specialty is secure mobile messaging. You will find me blogging from time to time on mobile technology - what I think is cool, what I think is not cool, and how to do things. Please be nice if you leave me comments. I am really trying to help!

4 Responses to iOS 6.1.1 Update

  1. papashango says:

    What do you think of the rumors of the iWatch running iOS? It seems Apple is moving towards more fragmentation then unification, and that has been the bane of Android developers for a while. I think Tim Cook is moving further away from Steve Jobs’ control-freak-ism, but at what price?

    • Tim Smeltzer says:

      I think that Apple will do whatever they need to do to remain competitive. I think with Steve gone, they may try to expand into some other areas that may seem risky, but everyone thought they were taking a huge risk when they introduced the iPod. And look how that paid off for them and how it ushered in the iPhone/iPad era. When you are big and known for innovation, people expect you to innovate. If they can take iOS, not modify it, while maintaining the end-user experience, they will put it on other devices. Just my two cents. I have absolutely no insider knowledge.

  2. papashango says:

    From an innovation standpoint, I think Google Glasses and its reported capabilities far and away exceed the amount of innovation on a smaller, wearable iPod-like device running the same OS as devices existing 5 years ago (i.e. the original iPhone).

    However, I don’t know how much Google Glasses will take off given that they are a bit more “intrusive” than an iWatch. I’d guess that most consumers won’t want to look “dorky” in Google Glasses, but could probably live with a watch they can talk to that will give them point to point navigation — even if it gets them lost.

    • Tim Smeltzer says:

      Don’t get me wrong – I would LOVE to get my hands (eyes?) on Google Glasses! I would wear that GEEK proudly! But from the perspective of selling the next big thing to the masses, I too think that the iWatch has a damn good chance of being successful. Time will tell. If I had a crystal ball, I would be playing the horses and the stock market šŸ™‚

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