Really, Sony?

So, last year, my lovely wife and I bought a Sony 4K set (the 65″ one) and got the 4K player too.  It included 10 “4K” movies along with it.  I dutifully used the code provided to download the movies.  I checked the other day, and they are gone.  Searching the Internet, I found this article at Sony Support:

PTV_4K 10 movie promo date

Bottom line – the picture they show at the link above says the OFFER expires 12/31/2013.  It does NOT say the movies disappear after 12/31/2013. I am also including the actual image from their article here just in case they try to revise history and pull their own article down.

This is CLEARLY a mistake by Sony.  An offer is something you can redeem.  I redeemed the offer before the end of the year.  If they meant that the movies were going to expire (and disappear) at then end of 2013, then they should have said that.  There is NO WAY anyone can dispute that it is the OFFER that expires, not the movies.

Come on Sony!  Own up to your mistake and give me my movies back!